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Kathryn Dean knows eyelashes. Touted as the "Best Eyelash Extension Designer Around", Kathryn is a Master Eyelash Extension Stylist and has been applying eyelash extensions for 9 years. She can transform unruly, straight eyelashes into beautiful short or long, thick, dark curling lashes that do not require mascara.

Eye Brow Sculpting and Eyelash Design is truly an art. The eyebrows frame the eyes and balance the face and eyelashes add more expression. If designed correctly, they can change a man or woman's entire look and expression for added confidence and beauty. Depending on the style of eyebrow you desire, Kathryn will design natural looking or diva style arches. "It helps to bring in a picture of the style of eye brows you desire on the day of your service, so that I can emulate the exact style and design you wish to achieve", says Kathryn. "Eye brows change as much as fashion. The techniques I teach my clients, allow them to re-create and maintain the same look at home."
Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions "Eyelash design adds that special little something to the eyes, that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Not every person is genetically blessed with thick, dark eye lashes that curl up", says Kathryn. "I design eye lashes to compliment the shape of the eyes in order to give my clients that 'wow I wish I had your eyelashes' effect. It is a time tested technique that works for my clients every time."

Kathryn is also licensed to perform and assess the following services for your specific skin care needs: clinical facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, light therapy, problematic skin treatments, eye brow and eye lash design, make-up artistry, hair removal, specialty waxing, permanent makeup and more. Kathryn Dean's Clinical Skincare and Makeover Studio is conveniently to Dallas and Ft. Worth. Facelogix is located inside Suite #125 of Building 6211 of the Colleyville Square, at 6211 Colleyville Boulevard (Highway 26) & Tinker Rd. in Colleyville.

Kathryn's clinical skin care treatments, eye brow sculpting, eye lash extensions and make-up services are performed in a private studio that provides a relaxing, clinical environment, where she takes the time to listen to questions and assess each individuals skin care and beauty needs.

New clients are welcome to discuss skin treatments and consultations. She will also create special group packages upon request for wedding parties, girl's night out or any other special event. Combined service packages are also available upon request, as well as, gift certificates.

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Below is a list if EyeBrow and EyeLash Services that Kathryn Dean provides at her Clinical Skin Care and Make-Up Studio:


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Give your white, red or blonde eyebrows or eyelashes a new darker shade with Refectocil Brow and Lash Tints. They are waterproof and last as long as 6 weeks!
$35 eyelash tint colors: black or brown
$35 eyebrow tint colors: red, dark blonde, medium brown, dark brown, black - price includes eyebrow wax

Application of Temporary "Strip" Eyelashes
$25 "false" eyelash strips
$35 specialty and holiday lashes, eyeliner, shadow and mascara
$45 "Lilly Galichi" Reusable Strip Lashes, eyeliner , shadow, and mascara

All the craze in Hollywood! Semi-Permanent Mink and Synthetic individual Eyelash Extensions - looks from short, medium and natural to long, extra long and dramatic. You will never have to wear mascara again! The brands Kathryn uses most are Glad Lash, Bella, Blinc, The Lashe, Alluring, Minky's, Extend Your Lashes, 3-D Beauty Eyelash Extensions. These brands are by far the latest trend, prettiest and the longest lasting. Individual Eyelash Extensions are the safest, most hygienic and customer-satisfying application method currently available on the market. The glue used is manufactured in the U.S.A. and is FDA approved for use with professional eyelash extensions. Eyelash Extensions typically last for 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the individuals lashes and how many were applied in the initial new set. Refills or "in-fills" are needed every 2 to 3 weeks to keep the lashes full and looking their best. Eyelash Extensions are weightless on your eyes and resistant to water, showering, perspiration, exercise, tears, swimming, and even sleeping. For more details and/or questions on the product, please refer to the 3D-Beauty, Minky's, The Lashe, and Glad Lash websites

Click Here to Watch the OutLashe "How Lashes Are Applied" Professional Video

FULL "NEW" SET of Eyelash Extensions:

Synthetic or Silk Mink "Mascara Look" - natural looking eyelashes: the REAL "Mascara Look" set of lashes
- ON SALE NOW! $150 (Reg. $250) - A full set of 65 to 90 single "Mascara Look" lashes on each eye!
Synthetic or Silk Mink "Dramatic Look" - thicker, longer eyelashes: the REAL "Drag Queen/Strip Look" set of lashes

- ON SALE NOW! $200 (Reg. $300) - 75 to 100 single "Dramatic Look" lashes on each eye!

NEW! Dimensional Lashes
* Upgrade your new set of lashes to a dimensional lash set! New 3D, 4D, 5D, or 6D volume lash extension sets. These are very fine milti-dimensional silk lashes ranging from 130 lashes up to 600 lashes on each eye! Add $25 to the prices above for each dimension desired or $10 for each dimension desired to the refill sets below.

Eyelash Extension Refill Appointments:
REFILLS - Synthetic or Silk Eyelash Extensions
(recommended every 2 to 3 weeks for the best looking results)

$55 Mascara Look - 2 weeks/25 lashes each eye
$65 Mascara Look - 3 weeks/35 lashes each eye
$75 Mascara Look - 4 weeks/45 lashes each eye

$65 Dramatic Look -
2 weeks/35 lashes each eye
$75 Dramatic Look - 3 weeks/45 lashes each eye

$85 Dramatic Look - 4 weeks/55 lashes each eye

$25 Removal of All False Eyelashes and/or Escessive Eye Make-Up


This is not your normal brow wax! Kathryn Dean utilizes eye brow sculpting techniques as learned and taught by the Eyebrow King himself, Damone Roberts of Beverly Hills. Includes waxing and eye brow sculpting with cosmetic fill-in.
$45 - measurements, eyebrow shaping, eyebrow wax and tweezing with a cosmetic contouring and highlighting lesson
$25 basic eye brow wax - clean up only with wax and tweezers


Before and After Eyelash Extensions



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