​DermaFrac™ utilizes vacuum to maintain tension on the skin so that the micro-needles penetrate to a uniform and proper depth of the stratum corneum layer. The micro-channels that the DermaFrac creates provide pathways for the various active solutions – that are pulled across the skin by the vacuum, just as the microneedles pass over the skin thus ensuring optimal hydration and skin rejuvenation. The active ingredients are delivered from special cartridges that are loaded in the DermaFrac™ handpiece. A choice of solutions are available which deliver anti-aging peptides, skin pigment lighteners, hyaluronic acid (HA) moisturizers, acne therapy solutions and more.  This treatment has been designed to take advantage of the microchannels and help to rejuvenate the skin in a gentle but effective manner to achieve anti-aging and healthy skin benefits to:


1. ​​ REJUVENATE: Peptides stimulate collagen and fibroblast production

    ​ and relax muscles in a subtle, natural way with this topical solution.


2.  ​HYDRATE: HylaSponge™Technology triggers intense hydration.

   ​  A patented Hyaluronic Acid formulation that may result in the

    ​ sustained hydration of the skin long after the procedure occurs

     ​with this topical solution.


3.  CLARIFY: Lactic and Salicylic Acids combine to help cleanse and

     ​disinfect oily, congested pores for more vibrant, cleaner skin

    ​ with this topical infusion.


4.  LIGHTEN: Kojic Acid lightens and evens out skin tone and can be

     ​used with all Fitzpatrick Skin Types that are in need of evening

   ​  out most darker pigmented areas with this topical infusion.


5.  GROWTH FACTORS: Epidermal Growth Factors​​, Fibroblast

    ​ Growth Factor, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Hyaluronic Acid, and

    ​ Vitamins C, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and H are all contained within this

     topical infusion​. Key Benefits are: promote regeneration of epidermal

     ​tissue, as well as the generation of granulation tissue following

   ​  severe tissue burns, restoring  a more youthful appearance to the skin,

     ​improve the appearance of fine lines, increase elasticity of the skin,

     protect the skin from moisture loss, and guard against free radical

     ​damage​ while increasing resistance to photo-aging and supporting

     cell metabolism using advanced stem cell technology.



















































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​​Will I need time to recuperate?


No. You may return to your normal activities immediately following the procedure. If you so desire, you may reapply your makeup immediately after the procedure. You may experience some slightly red areas, which should fade quickly. The degree of redness is somewhat related to the intensity of the procedure and also your skin’s own sensitivity.



Can DermaFrac harm any underlying tissues?


This is a very shallow, stratum corneum, vacuum depth controlled treatment and is safe and effective for many skin types and conditions.



How many DermaFrac treatments are needed to see results?


This ​​varies depending on the skin condition being treated, as well as, the severity. Typically 4 to 6 treatments are advised and usually at about two week to four week intervals.  However, a treatment regimen will be tailored to your particular skin condition, lifestyle and budget during your initial consultation. Also, DermaFrac treatments may be combined with LED treatments and alternating treatments with other modalities such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, clinical facials, etc.



Does DermaFrac improve uneven skin tone, sun spots or pigmentation issues?


Yes, It can be very effective in removing unwanted pigmentation, sun damage and uneven skin color and tone in some cases and is typically used as part of a comprehensive treatment program including broad spectrum SPF and at home use pigment lightening agents.



Does it help acne?


This system is designed for the beatification of the skin and is not a medical treatment.  For certain types of acne related side effects, it may be beneficial and can be a useful part of an acne treatment program with the approval of your physician.  If you are currently seeking acne care from a physician, you must have prior approval from the physician to receive a DermaFrac treatment. If you are on any type of acne medications or prescription strength topicals, this treatment may not be for you.  Some acne related skin conditions are contraindicated for use with Dermafrac.



Does it soften acne scars?


Some scars may respond to DermaFrac™ during the beautification procedure and the response varies based on several factors such as the age of the scar, depth of the scar tissue, individual skin types, location and the care given to the area between treatments. Scar removal should be treated by a healthcare provider and with C02 Fractional lasers.



​Can it help improve the appearance of stretch marks?


Physician assisted C02 Fractional laser skin resurfacing when available, is typically the best treatment for older stretch marks and the pulsed dye laser for newer red stretch marks. DermaFrac and microdermabrasion alone or in combination with some topical agents such as AHA fruit acids can be helpful to reduce the topical appearance in some cases – especially for more superficial stretch marks.



Does it work on wrinkles?


Superficial fine lines and wrinkles may be reduced using DermaFrac™. Deep wrinkles or dynamic lines may be softened on the surface somewhat, but cannot be completely resolved and are typically better treated by a physician with Botox, fillers, neuromodulators, or C02 Fractional laser skin resurfacing.



Can this replace laser treatment?


DermaFrac aesthetic therapy may be recommended following medical laser treatments to help maintain results and resolve resulting hyperpigmentation and may be an option for early or mild acne scarring or superficial fine lines and it has other roles as well, but it is not a substitute for a medical laser treatment.





Is DermaFrac Effective?



 The procedure has proven to be clinically effective to treat or diminish:


        - Dry or Patchy Skin


        - Oily Skin


        - Fine Lines and Wrinkles


        - Sun Damaged Skin


        - Hyperpigmentation


        - Superficial Age Spots


        - Certain Types of Acne Prone Skin and Superficial Acne Scars


        - Blackheads & Whiteheads


        - Certain Types of Stretch Marks


        - Certain Types of Scar Tissue




Patient/Client Benefits:


        - Non-Invasive


        ​- Virtually Painless


        - Little to No Recovery Time


        - No Hazardous Chemicals or Lasers


        - Minimal Risk


        - No Anesthesia Required


        - Treats All Skin Types


        - Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation


        - May Promote New Collagen and Elastin Generation













"I am CEO and Publisher of Beautiful Media and VIVA Internationale Magazine and come across new technologies every day.  I have tested hundreds of products and procedures and can say unequivocally that THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MODALITIES I have ever received.  I had a series of DermaFracTM treatments and it honestly took several years off of my skin. I try a lot of products and procedures, but so far, this has done more for my skin than anything I’ve tried in the past 10 years. I am the go-to-girl for beauty procedures and everyone has really no ced the difference in my skin."


                                                                                ​- Katherine P., Atlanta, GA



















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DermaFrac™ is a unique new type of aesthetic micro-channeling system that creates

precisely calibrated micro-channels into the skin, while simultaneously allowing active

topicals to absorb across the surface of the skin.  The result is a skin rejuvenation procedure

that has no pain. The shallow micro-needles enable enhanced absorption of the active topicals

at the same time the microneedles penetrate the outer layers of the stratum corneum. Some transient redness (erythema) can occur from 1 to 24 hours depending on how much vacuum

is used during the procedure. DermaFrac is a little to no down-time procedure.



DermaFrac™ treatment with a Hydrating Facial

Topical Skincare Solution  with your choice of one of the

following treatment descriptions: Rejuvenate, Hydrate,

Clarify or Lighten treatment.




DermaFrac™ eXTRA treatment with a Hydrating Facial

Topical Skincare Solution  with your choice of one of the

above treatment descriptions: Rejuvenate, Hydrate, Clarify

or Lighten treatment plus an additional aftercare take-home

treatment of Growth Factors using Advanced Stem Cell






















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