A popular hair removal method in the U.S., "Brazilian" bikini waxes were introduced to New York in 1987 by seven Brazilian-born sisters. The "Brazilian" differs from a regular bikini wax because hair is removed in the front, back and everything in between. Most of the time a "landing strip" is left in the front, but some clients opt for everything removed.


1. Waxings occur in a private room with a door and a privacy partition. You'll be left alone to remove your pants and underwear and you'll be asked to lie on a table with clean paper and sheet cover. It is possible that you may be provided with a paper thong and you can certainly ask for one.


2. Because you only need 1/4 to 1/2 an inch of hair for the wax to grab onto, your waxer may ask you to trim pubic hair to the correct length. A general rule of thumb is that hair needs to be a quarter-inch if it's fine, a half-inch if it's coarse. You'll be sent home if hair isn't long enough.


3. The waxer may apply talcum powder and an antibacterial skin solution with a mild anesthetic to the skin. Talcum powder keeps honey wax from sticking to skin.


4. The best waxers are fast, which means less discomfort for you.


The waxer will dip a wooden waxing stick into a pot of hot wax and then spread it onto your skin and hair. She will then apply a cloth strip over the still-warm wax, pressing firmly so the cloth, hair and wax adhere to one another. When the wax has cooled, she will pull the strip off, in the opposite direction of your hair growth, pulling the hairs out by the root.


The waxer may also use a hard wax, which is thicker and is peeled off when cooled without a strip. It can be less painful.


5. If the waxing is too painful, ask the technician to apply strips to smaller areas at a time. Waxing usually starts in the front and moves toward the back. You may be asked to help hold your skin taut, as this helps to keep the skin from lifting and/or bruising as the waxer pulls out the hair.


6. Since the Brazilian means EVERYTHING off, sometimes customers request to keep a "landing strip" in the front, don't be surprised when the technician removes the hair between the buttocks. Yes, for most people, hair grows there. If you want to be completely bare, this is called a "Hollywood" wax.


7. Once the waxing is complete, the waxer will tweeze any longer length stray hairs and she may trim the remaining landing strip, or even create designs. Some women even opt to dye the remaining pubic hair, especially if it is grey.


8. The waxer will offer you a wax off soothing lotion to apply over the waxed areas when the waxing service is complete. Apply aloe lotion or a hydrocortisone cream if you develop bumps, redness or ingrown hairs. I hear great things about Bliss ingrown hair eliminating pads.


9. Typically, you'll need to wax every 2 to 4 weeks and the more you do it, the less painful it becomes, because the hair grows back less dense each time due to hair growth patterns.





1. The procedure, like any waxing, can be very painful at first, but frequent visits usually cuts down on the pain factor. A suggestion is to take two (2) Advil (pain reducer/anti-inflammatory) an hour before your procedure. As for the embarrassment factor - we like to think getting a Brazilian can't be any more embarrassing than a typical visit to your gynecologist's office. These technicians have seen it all before.


2. The downside of a Brazilian wax ... while it lasts 3-6 weeks, the hair will grow back -- albeit finer and lighter -- and you'll have to do it again.


3. Another downside... hair has to be a certain length before it can successfully waxed. Hair needs to be a quarter-inch if it's fine, a half-inch if it's coarse.


4. Another down side... you might experience red bumps or ingrown hairs, caused when hairs grow curled under the skin. Avoid ingrown hairs with regular exfoliation and a scrub that contains salicylic or glycolic acid. Treat existing ingrown hairs with an acid-based solution. Good ones include Vaniqa, by prescription. Get rid of burns or rashes with a 1% Hydrocortisone cream, which helps to soothe irritation.*


Potential Side Effects of Waxing

- What You Should Know -


The medications Accutane, Differin, Retin-A, and oral or topical antibiotics can increases the possibility of a skin reaction and/or skin tear. Please inform the aesthetician if you have begun taking any new medications since your last session.


Please note waxing does have certain side effects such as skin removal, redness, scabbing, bruising, scarring, swelling, tenderness, hyper and hypo-pigmentation, and/or ingrown hairs or pimples.


Waxing of soft tissue may cause the skin to tear and that could potentially result in the need for stitches if a tear breaks through the dermis layer. The most common occurrence of this is in a Brazilian bikini wax if wax is applied to the inner folds of very sensitive skin tissue.



When Not to Get Waxed / Contraindications


• You currently take Accutane, or have stopped taking it less than a year ago.


• You use Retin-A or Differin.


• You are taking oral or topical antibiotics.


• You have lupus or AIDS.


• You recently got Botox or collagen injections, waxing shouldn’t be done in that area.


• You’re in cancer therapy getting chemotherapy or radiation.


• Leg waxing if you have varicose veins.


• You have been in direct sunlight for a long period of time or tanning bed within the last 24 hours.



Areas Not to Wax


• Irritated, inflamed, cut, or sunburned skin.


• Anywhere that has pimples, cold sores, moles or warts.


• The inside of ears and nose, eyelashes, nipples and male genitals.



Post Brazilian Waxing Care


• Don’t wear tight panties for the next few days.


• Keep hands away from touching freshly waxed skin, as this can encourage irritation or small pimples.


• Don’t take a hot bath for the rest of the day.


• No tanning beds, saunas or steam rooms for the next 2 days.


• 2 full days later use a mild exfoliator. My pick, an Ayate washcloth which gently exfoliates skin alone wet, or can be used with your favorite body wash, but is more mold-resistant than loofahs.


• If you get any ingrown hairs try Tend Skin, a huge favorite for getting rid of pesky ingrowns and/or gentle skin exfoliation products.



Brazilian & Bikini Waxing FYI


• It is not as uncomfortable as your would think. Most people who receive the Brazilian or Bikini wax continue on a regular basses.


• Each visit becomes easier because the hair grows back thinner.


• Most customers see about a 50% reduction in growth after only 5 to 6 visits.


• First time visits usually take about 1 hour. Kathryn explains the different growth cycles and how to maintain your Brazilian wax so you minimize ingrown hairs. She will also take a little longer during your initial waxing service to assure you're comfortable. Wax will be applied and hair is removed in tiny strips minimizing any discomfort associated with a brazilian waxing.


• Kathryn maintains hospital grade sterilization/sanitation procedures assuring a safe and sanitary waxing experience.


Waxing Sanitation Procedures Used


• A new applicator is used each and every time wax is dipped into the wax pot. This assures the wax pot remains sanitary and free from bacteria, staph, and/or cross contamination of potentially harmful body fluids.


• A topical antibacterial/antisceptic spray (similar to Bactine) with a 2.5% Lidocaine (for numbing purposes) is applied to the skin before and after each procedure to help potentially eliminate any risk of infection.


• Vinyl or Nitrile gloves are worn during the entire procedure.


• Clean cloth and/or disposable paper towels are used to cover the table for each procedure. The table is then sanitized before and after each procedure.


• Kathryn disinfects and sanitizes and/or disposes each tool used during all procedures and follows regulations to do so according to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation protocols for instrument and implement sterilization and sanitation, OSHA, and the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.


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