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NOTE: A Consultation appointment no less than 24 hours prior to any procedure is

necessary to Book All Semi-Permanent Makeup for Lips, Eyes, and Eyebrows / Micropigmentation / Microblading / Scalp / Camouflage / Repigmentation / Areola Color Correction and Creation Appointments.  At the consultation we will discuss treatment outcomes, questions, before and after photos ,and perform a pigment patch test for any possible semi-permanent makeup pigment / tattoo ink allergies that may develop with the tattoo ink and/or color in the products (pigments) to be used in your skin.


If you wish to have a patch test for an allergic reaction to the mineral color pigments

used for the procedure, you will need to schedule a consultation and patch test 24

hours prior to your procedure, or you may opt to forgo the 24 hour patch test with

your signature stating that you decline the allergy patch test and accept all

responsibility as a result.


Whenever you arrive at your permanent makeup first application appointment, you

will be given a questionnaire about your current medical history and proper consent

forms to fill out. Next, Kathryn will give you an assessment of your procedure, where

you both will pick out your color choices and an initial design consultation will be

performed with your feedback and final approval prior to any permanent makeup



Please dress comfortable on the day of your procedure. If you are having an eyeliner

procedure performed, you may want to schedule a driver to drive you to and from the procedure, in case of any visual swelling from the numbing products used during the

procedure that might impair you from driving home safely. You will also be given the proper cleaning and after care instructions for your new permanent makeup prior to leaving your appointment. Kathryn wants you to have peace of mind when choosing her as your

permanent makeup artist, so you will also have the opportunity to book a second

appointment at no charge to be performed within 60 days of your procedure for any

touch-ups or deepening of color pigments, as you wish.


Kathryn Dean offers the most natural-looking permanent makeup and microblading

techniques (cosmetic tattooing) for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, lip liner, areola and hair

replacement.  She  received her certificate as a Permanent Makeup / MicroPigmentation Intradermal Specialist in 2012 from Precision Plus Permanent Makeup and her skincare and makeover studio is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services and the

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. She strictly follows the Texas Rules and Regulations for Sterilization and Sanitation of her facility, equipment and supplies. She

uses the finest, state-of-the-art Nouveau Contour brand of permanent makeup and tattoo equipment for her permanent makeup, micro-pigmentation, and microblading procedures.


Before and After Photos: Current Before and After Photos can be seen on my Facelogix Facebook pages and Facelogix Instagram Accounts. They are listed under Facelogix Clinical Skincare and Makeover Center and Facelogix respectively.


Semi-Permanent Make-up, Lipliner, Full Lips, Nano and Ombre' Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Scar Camouflage, Areolas, and Scalp Micropigmentation, and Microblading Breakdown


The fee structure below for semi-permanent makeup procedures of the face (eyebrows,

eyeliner, the lips, lipliner, and areolas) include (2) two procedure appointments to be completed

within 60 days of each other.


The first appointment includes the first semi-permanent makeup procedure and a second

"peace of mind" touch-up appointment for any additional deepening of color or additional shaping, if needed. There will be no additional procedure fees for your second appointment, as long as, the second appointment is scheduled and completed within two months/60 days of the original appointment date.


Most semi-permanent makeup procedures of the face will need to be touched-up every

12 to 18 months, as permanent makeup pigments tend to fade over time. Kathryn's

touch-ups on her own work, if performed at two years or less, can be will be completed with only one (1) appointment, as some of your original color should still be in the tattoo'ed area to provide for additional color depth.




Eyebrows (Microblading / 3D Micro Brows)


Eyebrows (Solid Fill / Nano Line / Ombre' Brow Shadow Enhancement)


Upper Eyelid (Solid or Blended EyeLash Enhancement and Shadow or Winged Eyeliner)


Lower Eyelid (Solid or Blended Eyelash Enhancement or Solid Eyeliner)


Lip Liner (Solid or Blended Lip Line Enhancement)


Full Lip Color Fill (Lip Liner Not Included and Ombre' Lips or Solid Fill-inColor)






Areolas - Partial or Complete Color Restoration


500 Strokes of Hair Replacement on the Hairline, Head, or Neck


Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Follicle Replacement and Hairline Recreation


Scar Camouflage on the Head, Face, or Body

















Nano Brows,

Ombre' Eyebrows,

Lip Pigmentation and Lip Liner,

Ombre' Lip Shading

Eyeliner and Enhancement,
Scalp Hairstrokes,

& Areola Reconstruction



















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